Secure Payment

Our Secure Payment

Our company authorized to accept PayPal, western union money transfer, money gram service or bank T/T transfer and Credit & Debit Cards.

PayPal/Western Union/Money Gram/Bank Transfer/Credit & Debit Cards

About these service:-


Securely send payments to 200+ markets in 50+ currencies, supporting bank transfers, direct-to-card transactions, prepaid cards, digital wallets, alternative payment methods,​ check,​ or unbanked options including cash pickup and more. Make fast direct transfers to payees in our vast network of 400+ million PayPal active accounts and 90 million Venmo users.

Western Union:-

Western Union is easy to use and is the fastest worldwide money transfer service.  It is protected by an advanced security system.  It uses advanced electronic technology and a global information network for fast payout.  In most cases, your funds can be picked up within minutes, without any trouble.


This service is available at over 10, 000 locations worldwide on the money transfer network.  Money is transferred securely and quickly, usually within minutes.

Bank Transfer:-

For bulk (wholesale) it is best to order through bank T/T wire transfer.  Banks will normaly transfer money within 2 to 3 working days.  Most people use bank transfer for large or bulk payments. 

Credit & Debit Cards:-

Now we are accepting all Major cards (Master or Visa) Credit and Debit Cards payment for your transfer online through your computer, laptop or your mobile. This is very easy and modern service.