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Product menu list

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This category includes all the basics of your's and much more:

We are manufacturer of musical instruments, pipe band requirements, uniforms and accessories!

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  • Bagpipe

    Choose from great highland bagpipes in deference wood like a African black wood or Ebony wood, Cucos wood, Sheesham wood and Rose wood.

    These bagpipe are also available in deference amount like a Brass nickle plated on thistle engraved mounts, brass nickle plated plain mounts, White plastic mounts, and silver metal mounts.

  • Pipe Chanter

    You can must find great highland replacement bagpipe's pipe chanter in deference wood and sole...

  • Practice Chanter

    Choose practice chanter for practice of your bagpipe in deference woods...

  • Bagpipe Accessories

    This category for find accessories for your bagpipe like replacement bags, bagpipe cover in deference material, bagpipe drone cords, bagpipe cases and etc...

  • Pipe Band Sporran

    Find your favorites sporrans in the category. Available leather sporran, sami sporran, fur sporran, and long horse hair sporran...

  • Highland Gear

    You are looking for a highland wear items for every day? Take a look at our selection of traditional kilt, piper or drummer plaid, ladies kilt or skort, utility kilts, plaid brooches, piper or drummer waist and cross belts, dress cords, kilt pins, skean dhu and scottish dirk etc..

  • Head Gear

    Browse our different hear wear hats to choose the perfect glengarry hat, balmoral hat, irish caubeen hat, tam o shanter, beret hat, officer caps, heather hackles etc...!

  • Foot Gear

    You will find the perfect hose top, kilt hose, spats, flashers, Ghillie Brogues etc.

  • Drums & Accessories

    Available in this menu Pipe band drums, tupan drums, renaissance drums, bass drum harness, drum slings, drum head and drum stick etc..

  • Drum Major Requirements

    Drum Major Requirements have available drum major mace, mace head, gauntlet gloves, baldric sash, sergeant sash etc...

  • Wind Instruments
  • Weapon Instruments
  • Education Instruments
  • Percussion Instruments
  • Marching Band Instruments
  • Metal Badges
  • Embroidery Flags
  • Hand Embroidery Badges
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Showing 1 - 100 of 483 items
Showing 1 - 100 of 483 items